Using Result Limits in the SoftLayer API

Many of the methods in the SoftLayer API return arrays of data types. In these cases it may be useful to limit the number of results that the API retrieves from your method call. Fortunately SoftLayer provides an easy way to accomplish this via a method analogous to the SQL LIMIT statement that you can apply in the header of your method calls. Result limits are optional for all method calls, and a method's manual page states whether or not it can use a result limit. Methods that retrieve only one item cannot use result limits.

SoftLayer API Overview

SoftLayer's Application Programming Interface (API) is the development interface that gives developers and system administrators direct interaction with SoftLayer's backend system.


SoftLayer provides an XML-RPC interface in addition to SOAP and REST. The XML-RPC API is built to mimic the SOAP interface.

Legacy Object Masks

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SoftLayer provides a RESTful API in addition to RPC-style API services.


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Date Handling in the SoftLayer API

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C Sharp

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