The SoftLayer_Billing_Order_Quote service controls the quoted orders that are created whenever a SoftLayer customer's places a purchase. Quotes exist in several states. The ones of concern are:
*PENDING: Quotes which have not been paid yet. Quotes pending approval from a Softlayer customer.

Once an order is placed from a quote it moves from PENDING to EXPIRED state 2 days after its creation and it is removed from the system after 5 days unless otherwise the SoftLayer customer saved the quote.

Quotes could are created with contact information duplicated from the SoftLayer_Account data type or by manual entry. We do this in order to maintain a history of an account's contact information as quotes are generated.

Query the SoftLayer_Account service to get a list of quotes for your account.


Claim an anonymous quote
Delete the quote of an order
Retrieve a quote's corresponding account.
Retrieve a SoftLayer_Billing_Order_Quote record.
Retrieve this order contains the records for which products were selected for this quote.
Retrieve these are all the orders that were created from this quote.
Retrieve a PDF copy of a quote.
Retrieve a [[SoftLayer_Billing_Order_Quote]] by the quote key specified.
Generate an [[SoftLayer_Container_Product_Order|order container]] from the previously-created quote.
Place an order
Saves changes to a quote
Save the quote of an order
Verify an order