A monitoring agent is a program that resides on a server and does the work of getting details of a system or application and reporting of the metric data and triggers alarms for predefined events.


Activates a monitoring agent
Creates a transaction that applies monitoring configuration value changes to a monitoring agent's configuration for fixed sections.
This method deletes a configuration profile from a monitoring agent.
Initialize a monitoring agent and deploy it with the specified configuration template.
Retrieves all active users that are receiving alarm notifications.
Retrieve the current status of the corresponding agent
Retrieve a template of an agent's current configuration which contains information about the structure of the configuration values.
Returns all users that are eligible to receive alarm notifications.
This method returns the metric data for each of the configuration values provided during the given time range.
Retrieve softLayer hardware related to the agent.
Retrieve a SoftLayer_Monitoring_Agent record.
Retrieve contains general information relating to a single SoftLayer product.
Retrieve a description for a specific installation of a Software Component
Retrieve monitoring agent status name.
Retrieve softlayer_Virtual_Guest object related to the monitoring agent, which this virtual guest object and hardware is on the server of the running agent.
Removes the selected user from receiving the alarms for this monitoring agent.
Removes all users from receiving the alarms for this monitoring agent.
This method restarts a monitoring agent.
Subscribes a user to receive monitoring alarm alerts