A SoftLayer_Network represents a container for which subnetting is managed by the Account and not SoftLayer's automated network management. It provides an isolated network segment on the backend network in which a portion of RFC 1918 IP address space must be used. This feature replaces SoftLayer's automated network management on the backend network, but retains automated management on the frontend network. Thus, public IP assignment will remain dynamic and on-demand. This service and related operations are only available to Accounts with no existing network or compute resources.

A Network consists of a root subnet specification which defines the bounds of all Subnets within the Network. Subnets created within the Network must not exceed the Network's bounds nor overlap with one another. However, multiple Networks may specify identical or overlapping root subnets.

The following constraints apply to Network creation:
* The Network's size must only be between CIDR /16 and /24, inclusive.
* The Network's IP address space must be within that defined by RFC 1918.
* All RFC 1918 is available, but only a subset is available per Network.
The following range of blocks are valid:
* - /16 - 24
* - /16 - 24
* - /16 - 24

Management of a Network occurs entirely via the SoftLayer_Network service. This includes the addition and removal of Subnets. Subnets are required before compute resources may be provisioned. A subnet defines the portion of a Network that is available within a Pods.

See SoftLayer_Network/createObject and SoftLayer_Network/createSubnet.


Create a Network
Add a Subnet to the Network.
Remove the Network
Remove a Subnet from the Network
Modify the Network.
Retrieve the Networks for your Account.
Retrieve a name for the Network. This is required during creation of a Network and is entirely user defined.
Retrieve notes, or a description of the Network. This is entirely user defined.
Retrieve a SoftLayer_Network record.
Retrieve the Subnets within the Network. These represent the realized segments of the Network and reside within a [[SoftLayer_Network_Pod|Pod]]. A Subnet must be specified when provisioning a compute resource within a Network.