Transcoding is a service which allows you to transcode media files to different formats. For example, if you have a Windows Media Video file you wish to stream in Flash Video format, transcoding would be the process to make this change. Individual SoftLayer customer can have a single Transcode account and you need to create a Transcode account to use the service. To create a Transcode account, go to the "Private Network" -> "Transcoding" page in the SoftLayer customer portal or invoke createTranscodeAccount method.

SoftLayer Transcoding service supports a large number of video and audio codecs. This means you can transcode many different types of movies. Refer to Transcode FAQ for supported codes and media containers. Transcode server also has hundreds of pre-defined output formats that you can choose from.

A Transcode account object allows you to communicate with the Transcode FTP ( server) server and Transcode server. You can retrieve a directory listing, details on a media file, Transcode output presets, and Transcode FTP login credentials. Most importantly, you can create transcode jobs through your Transcode account.

When a Transcode account is created, it creates an FTP account on the Transcode FTP. You can upload your media files to the /in directory and you can download transcoded media files from the /out directory. You can keep the files 3 days from the creation date. They will be automatically deleted after this point. For more details on the Transcode FTP server, refer to getFtpAttributes method.


Creates a new transcode account
Creates a transcode job
Retrieve the SoftLayer account information
Returns detailed information on a video or audio file
Returns Transcode FTP login credentials
Retrieve a SoftLayer_Network_Media_Transcode_Account record.
Retrieve transcode jobs