The Security Group service provides a common interface to interact with an account's security groups, their rules, and virtual guest instances associated with the groups. A security group contains a set of IP filter rules that define how to handle incoming (ingress) and outgoing (egress) traffic to both the public and private interfaces of a virtual server instance. The rules that you add to a security group are known as security group rules. Security groups can be assigned to one or more virtual servers by attaching virtual guest network components through bindings.

Additional information can be found in Bluemix Docs and SoftLayer API Examples


Add new rules to a security group.
Attach network components to a security group by creating a network component binding.
Create a new security group.
Create new security groups.
Delete a security group.
Delete security groups.
Detach network components from a security group by deleting its network component binding.
Edit a security group.
Edit security groups.
Edit rules that belong to a security group.
Retrieve the account this security group belongs to.
Get all security groups.
Retrieve a SoftLayer_Network_SecurityGroup record.
Retrieve the rules for this security group.
List the current security group limits
List the data centers that currently support the use of security groups.
Remove rules from a security group.