SoftLayer_Software_VirtualLicense is the application class that handles a special type of Software License. Most software licenses are licensed to a specific hardware ID; virtual licenses are designed for virtual machines and therefore are assigned to an IP Address. Not all software packages can be "virtual licensed".

SoftLayer_Software_VirtualLicense's service allows you to retrieve the hard-copy license file for a virtual license, if one exists for your license instance.

You can also retrieve the subnet that the IP to which a software virtual license is licensed upon exists in, as well as the software description that this virtual license is for.


Retrieve the customer account this Virtual License belongs to.
Retrieve the billing item for a software virtual license.
Retrieve the hardware record to which the software virtual license is assigned.
Retrieve the IP Address record associated with a virtual license.
Get the file for a virtual license, if it exists
Retrieve a SoftLayer_Software_VirtualLicense record.
Retrieve the SoftLayer_Software_Description that this virtual license is for.
Retrieve the subnet this Virtual License's IP address belongs to.